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Sexuality & Sexual Dysfunction

The following list includes books and materials to help further your knowledge on specific issues related to sexuality and sexual dysfunction. All are available online for purchase and can be found at most local book stores. Psychologia Clinic does not make any profit from the purchasing of any of these materials.

For Each Other: Sharing Sexual Intimacy

Dr. Lonnie Barbach helps you answer the questions you have always wondered about and provides the tools you need to enliven your sexual relationship.

For Each Other Book.tiff

Reclaiming Your Sexual Self: How you can bring desire back into your life

A look into why so many women are not really interested in sex.

Reclaiming your sexual self book.png

Come As You Are

A book about the science of sex to increase confidence and joy in your sex life. Touches on the subjects of stress, mood, trust and body image and it's impact on women's sexual arousal and desire.

Come As You Are Book.png

The New Male Sexuality

A book that busts the myths of men's sexuality and sexual health. Discusses viagra and other new medical discoveries important to men's sexual health.

The New Male Sexuality book.tiff

Sensate Focus in Sex Therapy

Dr Avery-Clark's guided book on using sensate focused work in sex and couple therapy. 

Sensate Focus in Sex Therapy Book.png

Principles and Practice of Sex Therapy

A clinical reference to sex therapy that comprehensively addresses sexual problems and their treatement.

Principles and Practice of Sex Therapy Book.png

When Sex Hurts: Understanding and Healing Pelvic Pain

Understanding the origins, current knowledge, and treatment of pelvic pain.

when sex hurts book psychologia clinic.png

The Vagina Bible: The vulva and the vagina - separating the myth from the medicine.

Understanding the anatomy, function, health and busting myths around women's vaginal health to empower women.

The vagina bible book psychologia clinic.png

Private Parts: A Doctor's Guide to the Male Anatomy

An easy-to-understand book on the male sex organs function, what is considered normal, and what should be checked out by a doctor. The author also dispels myths about sexual performance and male menopause.
discusses the latest developments in the treatment of the prostate and updates information on drugs for erectile dysfunction.

Private Parts book psychologia clinic.png

The Sex Bible for People Over 50: The Complete Guid to Sex, Love for Mature Couples

The Sex Bible For People Over 50 addresses common physical and sexual issues that 50+ couples encounter, and provides tips and solutions that are fun and exciting, like modified positions or the use of sexual toys and aids. It also shows readers how to build new sexual skills by providing exercises and new ways to enjoy sexual pleasure on their own, and with their partner.

The Sex Bible book psychologia clinic.png

The Joy of Sex

Famous for helping couples discover how sex can be playful, erotic, passionate, exhilarating, and most of all, pleasurable.

The joy of sex book psychologia clinic.png

Guide to Getting it On

Today's young adults are the first generation who began watching the most explicit porn in history on their phones in Middle School. They have very different expectations and needs from a book on sex, and those needs are changing as rapidly as technology is changing. There have been hundreds of studies done in the past four years on everything from female orgasms to how semen influences a woman's immune system to not kill sperm. You'll find it all in this new edition of The Guide. And the new chapter on consent will hopefully do a much better job of helping you understand what consent is and isn't than Title IX with its strange little slogans.

Guide to getting it on book psychologia clinic.png

SM 101: A realistic introduction

SM 101 surveys the entire spectrum of consensual sadomasochistic practices from from bondage, to spanking, to erotic role-playing, and more. Now in an expanded second edition, SM 101 includes a new chapter on starting and running sadomaschistic organizations and events for consenting adults.

SM 101 book psychologia clinic.png

Magnificent sex: Lessons from extraordinary lovers

Looking at factors including individual and relational qualities, empathic communication and the myths and realities of magnificent sex, this book offers accessible and evidence-based guidance for lovers and therapists alike.

Magnificent Sex book psychologia clinic.png
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