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Sexual Difficulties

Sexual Problems

Sexual dysfunctions and disorders are common amongst people of all ages and across many different cultures and socioeconomic strata. Despite the wide availability of information on sexuality in academic and popular books as well as the internet, there are still widespread misconceptions and myths about sexuality which often exacerbate the sexual problems individuals experience.

Common sexual dysfunctions in males are: erectile disorder, premature ejaculation and inhibited ejaculation. Common sexual problems that women present with include inorgasmia and pain during sexual activity. Both males and females can also present with lack of desire and/or arousal as well as sexual aversion.

Sexual problems are often caused by multiple factors that sometimes include both physical and psychological components. A detailed, thorough assessment is required in each case to determine key contributing factors and to suggest the most appropriate treatment(s).

Sex Therapy is a CBT based therapy developed by Masters & Johnson over 50 years ago which has been shown to be an effective treatment for many sexual dysfunctions. The link below outlines the key components of Sex Therapy as well as a list of recommended self-help books for individuals experiencing sexual problems.

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