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Life Transitions

Life Transitions

Life undoubtedly comes with a lot of change, both positive and negative, and is a normal part of the life cycle. Whether change comes expectedly or unexpectedly, navigating through it can lead to a significant amount of stress and conflict. How we move through transitions whether on our own or with the people we love contributes to our mental health and overall wellbeing. 

Life transitions can include events such as starting a new job or school, an addition to the family, becoming a parent, loss of a family member, marriage or coping with divorce, immigrating to a new country, kids leaving home, retirement, losing a job, coping with illness, etc. These events have the tendency to shift how we may see ourselves and our dynamics with those around us. Psychotherapy can help to clarify how we feel about these changes and uncover what is leading to our difficulty adjusting to them. Therapy can lead to improvements in our relationships with ourselves and with others, making us more resilient to change.

If you are feeling particularly stuck reach out to us for a consultation to explore whether we may be able to help.

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