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Anxiety Disorders

Several studies indicate that anxiety disorders are very prevalent amongst individual of all ages. Anxiety is a chronic uneasiness or apprehension that persists without any direct threat to the individual. The disorder is diagnosed when the anxiety becomes so severe that impacts negatively on an individual’s normal functioning.

Anxiety affects a person’s whole being as it is a physiological, behavioural and psychological reaction all at once. On the physiological level anxiety may include bodily reactions such as rapid heartbeat, muscular tension, queasiness, dizziness, dry mouth and/or sweating. On the behavioral level, it can impact negatively on your ability to act, express yourself, work, attend school, focus, and attend to and complete tasks. Psychologically, anxiety can be experienced as a subjective state of fear, uneasiness and/or apprehension. In more severe states, it can cause you to feel detached from yourself and even fearful of dying or going crazy.

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